What is ISO?

ISO, or ‘International Organisation for Standardisation’, is an international organisation that is run independently (not through the government). This organisation brings together a range of experts to outline unified industry standards. The organisation uses its members to create international standards to provide innovative solutions to global challenges.

Visit their website at www.iso.org/home.html for more extensive information.

What is an ISO certificate?

An ISO certificate shows that your business adheres to global standards around quality, manufacturing standards, and business practices. An ISO certificate establishes credibility for your business, meaning that consumers, clients, and other businesses can trust that your business operates to a high standard.

ISO certificates are basically there so your business can show they maintain optimised practices in a range of different areas, such as:

Quality standards
Environmental standards
Health and safety regulations
Energy management
Food safety standards
IT security

Waste management plays a crucial role in meeting ISO accreditation standards. Better Waste Solutions can support your business in meeting these standards with our extensive range of providers that all operate to the same rigorous standards. We assist your business with environmental awareness by supplying diverse recycling options to suit your business needs. As well as exclusively collaborating with providers that we know hold the same standards in their environmental management standards.