Privacy Policy & Cookies

Your Privacy Matters: Our Commitment to Protecting Your Personal Information

Privacy Policy

If you visit our site, our web server will automatically store information such as email addresses and business names.

Any information provided to us through our contact form, such as a phone number, will be used to answer the enquiry and nothing else.

Upon becoming a customer, we will use this information as a future point of contact unless informed otherwise.

Personal Information

When a person completes the quote form, we collect information that can be used to identify the business. This includes the user’s name, email address and phone number. Where the user came from (e.g. Google Ads) is also collected, but anonymously.

We will only collect non-anonymous information from users if it is voluntarily given to us, and this information can be revoked or corrected at any time if the user contacts us directly.

How We Store & Protect Your information

We store, manage and protect data in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). All information is protected while stored, and destroyed within 6 years of it being no longer relevant.

Users also have the right to be forgotten, and can have their data destroyed earlier upon request.

We do not sell or give away any user personal information to others.

Variations to the Policy

If any of these terms change in the future, every user will be notified, and the user can opt out of any changes upon request (covered by the right to be forgotten).


When the user visits our site, they will receive a pop-up asking about cookies. If the user consents, we will use this data to improve our website. The user can opt out of this at any time.

We use cookies to anonymously look at patterns from users, and enhance the browsing experience for future visitors. The information we collect is completely anonymous and will always be stored safely. Below are the third party tools we use cookies for:

Google Analytics

This tool collects information such as how long a user typically spends on the site, and how many clicks we get from different locations. When the data is collected, the personal information of the user is transformed to numbers. This keeps users completely anonymous.

Using Google Analytics we can take account of which content is popular, helping us to provide you with reading and viewing materials which you will enjoy and find useful in the future.

If you don’t consent to this data being collected, you are able to opt-out with the addition of this browser add-on:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords collects data related to which adverts people click on to reach us. This helps us create more effective marketing in the future.