You are currently viewing Embracing Green Initiatives with Better Waste Solutions during British Science Week!

Embracing Green Initiatives with Better Waste Solutions during British Science Week!

In the UK, we’re currently in the midst of British Science Week! Running for ten days, from the 8th to the 17th of March, this dedicated period celebrates science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. Organised by the British Science Association and financially backed by UK Research & Innovation (UKRI), British Science Week offers a diverse array of activities throughout the country, open for anyone to organise. Whether you’re a teacher, community group worker, parent, student, professional, or anyone else, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to and engage in this nationwide celebration of science.

British Science Week

At Better Waste Solutions, science plays a pivotal role in our approach to providing waste management services to companies across the UK. Scientific research is instrumental in unravelling the complexities of environmental issues, including climate change, pollution, and deforestation. Our waste management practices are guided by scientific principles, emphasising recycling, waste reduction, and proper disposal methods to minimise the environmental impact.

We’ve been reflecting on these principles at Better Waste Solutions and thought we’d share some intriguing recycling facts:

  • Cardboard boxes can undergo the recycling process at least seven times, finding new life in the creation of packaging boxes and sometimes even furniture.
  • Recycling is an energy-saving effort. Recycling one glass bottle can save enough energy to power a 100-watt bulb for four hours. What a bright idea!
  • Astonishingly, 13 billion cans are discarded every year in the UK. If we stacked them all vertically, these cans could form three piles, reaching all the way to the moon. That’s extremely high! The only thing higher is our level of service at Better Waste Solutions!
  • The energy required to produce one new can equals the energy saved by recycling 20 cans. No wonder our recycling services are so “pop”-ular!
  • In the UK, over 20,000 tonnes of batteries find their way to landfill sites each year, despite it taking 50 times more energy to manufacture a battery than it provides throughout its lifespan. Don’t forget that many shops have initiatives that collect and recycle dead batteries. They’re even free of charge if you pardon the pun!
  • Old electronic gadgets conceal a surprising amount of the world’s gold—approximately 7%! Shockingly, over £8 billion worth of precious metals within electrical and electronic equipment is discarded into landfill waste annually. These valuable materials include gold, platinum, and silver. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, literally!

Given the critical role that science plays in safeguarding the health of our planet, it’s essential for waste management companies to collaborate with other professionals to find effective solutions. For reliable business recycling, look no further than Better Waste Solutions!