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Categorising 4 Types of Waste

Keeping up to date with the leading causes of waste in a business environment can be a challenging prospect. With so many different types of waste and so many other aspects of your business to monitor, it can be easy to lose track of what categories of waste should be disposed of in the safest and most environmentally friendly way.

Below we’ll explain the types of waste in which we help your business manage here at Better Waste Solutions!

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1. General Waste

General waste includes things such as greasy food wrappers, crisp packets, plastic cutlery, black plastic, coat hangers, hair clippings, napkins etc. They are non-hazardous and relatively packable. This means things such as electrical items, chemicals, wood, rubble, vehicle parts, metal drums, carpet or lino, furniture or paint tins are not included. Items such as these need to be disposed of in particular ways by which we do not offer under general waste.

2. Glass

Glass waste is very simple with much less to consider. We can accept jars without their lids and traditional glass bottles. Items such as windows, pyrex, drinking glasses and ceramics are not accounted for in glass waste and will require specific disposal elsewhere.

3. Dry Mixed Recycling

As you may expect, dry mixed recycling includes clean paper and cardboard, metal tins and cans, plastic such as milk cartons and shampoo bottles, microwaveable meal trays and drinks bottles.

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4. Food

Food waste is made up of things like vegetable peelings, fish or raw meat, leftover food in it’s original packaging (except glass or tins), milk, small bones such as chicken bones, tea bags and coffee grounds. We cannot, however, accept things that you might not expect like butchers’ bones, and others that you may think is fairly obvious like black bags, plants, anything that isn’t food, cooking oil, plastic, glass and other general waste.

The Solution to All Different Types of Waste Disposal

Understanding the leading causes of waste in a business environment is the first step in reducing your pollution in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We know that business waste collections can be a minefield. So whether you’re trying to find a service for the first time or have a wealth of experience looking for the best deal, we are here for you.

At Better Waste Solutions, we’re committed to delivering a waste management service we are proud of. We’re partnered with hundreds of licensed collection companies in the UK who we trust to represent us and deliver what you expect.

So, if you’re confused or worried over the different types of waste and how it can hinder your business, contact us today, and let us deliver the kind of waste collection excellence that your business deserves!