Available Bin Capacities

  • 1100L 1.3m x 1.1m x 1.3m
  • 660L 1.3m x 0.85m x 1.2m
  • 360L 0.65m x 0.9m x 1.1m
  • 240L 0.6m x 0.7m x 1.1m
  • 120L 0.5m x 0.6m x 1.0m

The Capacity Of Those Bins

  • 1100L – 15-18 bags
  • 660L – 8-10 bags
  • 360L – 5-7 bags
  • 240L – 3-5 bags
  • 120L – 1-3 bags

Better Waste Top Tip

The lid must always be fully closed in order for your bin to be emptied, so make sure you don’t overfill it.

If you find you are having to squash bags in, it’s time to increase your service.

Remember that your bin will be subject to weight limits, so a half full bin doesn’t necessarily mean a light bin – especially in the case of dense, heavy items like food waste.

What You Can Throw Away


Suitable for compactable waste only, including:

Non-hazardous general waste such as greasy food wrappers, crisp packets, floor sweepings, black plastic, used blue roll, hair cuttings, napkins, etc.

Not suitable for large non-compactable waste, including:

Electrical items, furniture, chemicals, wood, rubble, vehicle parts, metal drums, carpet or lino (including cardboard tube), paint tins, batteries, vapes, gas canisters


Suitable for clean and dry recycling only:

Paper & cardboard, empty metal tins and cans, yoghurt pots, empty drinks bottles, microwaveable meal trays, margarine tubs, shrink wrap

Not suitable for:

Greasy cardboard, black plastic including black bags, crisp packets, waxed paper cups, hard plastic (pipes or PVC window surrounds), cardboard tubes from carpet/lino, liquids, polystyrene, textiles, food, glass


Suitable for clean plastic, metals & cartons only:

Empty metal tins and cans, metal aerosol cans, clean aluminium food trays, cartons e.g. fruit juice cartons, metal jar/bottle lids, plastic food containers e.g. microwaveable meal trays, margarine tubs, drinks bottles or washing up bottles.

Not suitable for:

Any black plastic carrier bags, crisp packets, bubble wrap, polystyrene, hard plastic such as PVC windows, toys or plant pots, any type of coffee pods, paint cans/gas canisters.


Suitable for clean and dry recycling only:

Paper, magazines, cardboard (clean and dry)

Not suitable for:

Disposable coffee cups, greasy cardboard (used pizza boxes etc), cardboard tubes from carpet and lino, food, shrink wrap, general waste

FOOD BINS - Food waste can be bagged, but the bags must be CLEAR only

Suitable for:

Vegetable peelings, fish/raw meat, fruit, plate scrapings, milk, small bones (chicken leg etc), tea bags, coffee grounds, dough

Not suitable for:

Butchers bones, plants, cooking oil, large quantities of hard fat/lard, food wrapping, other bags that are not clear, anything else non-food


Suitable for:

Glass bottles, jars

Not suitable for:

Windows, pyrex, drinking glasses, ceramics

Weight Limits & Excess Weight

Weight limits are in place on most containers for a few reasons…

Health & Safety for Drivers

Firstly, this protects the health and safety of the drivers manoeuvring them. Sometimes drivers move over 100 bins per shift, and we have a responsibility to protect drivers from injury. This also reduces the chances of employee absence, meaning collections are more consistent for you.

Fair Weight Pricing

Secondly, it’s only fair that you are paying for the waste you are throwing away. If you have a bin with a few bags of light waste, the cost you pay should not be inflated by someone else who has filled their bin to the top with very heavy waste.

Trucks Fill to Capacity Early

Thirdly, the vehicles emptying your bin have a limit to how much waste they are legally allowed to carry. If you are at the end of the route and everyone before you has gone over their weight limit, there may not be space for your waste in the truck and you will have a missed collection.

We understand it’s difficult to know how much weight is in your container. If you do go over the limit we will inform you and work towards ensuring your service keeps you within the parameters.

*If you require a 100kg weight limit for your 1100L GW bin, speak to us as we have specific agreements in place for these weight limits with some of our suppliers.

Below are the average weight limits that are provided by our suppliers. If you have a specific need or a higher weight limit request, please let us know and we can quote you accordingly. Check your Duty of Care certificate for an accurate weight limit for your bin.